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Plan 'B' for Those Held Captive

Dry skin bare
Cracked like deep canyon walls
A  heat pulse whips through splitting hair
Crying out desperate atonement
Stalking helpless quarry
A  dumpster’s love story
Pimples wedding wrinkles
Abusive followed fickle
Muscles stretched tight
Cannibal kiss to wrestle
Ejaculate plight
Liquid stream to whistle
Spitting names
Rising chest  to exhale pains
Beneath the thunder
Above the rain
Hardly deign to play a game
The dice are absent
The board aflame
Hit bottom to reap reclaim
Death will run
We bleed the same
Run, run, run
Through Cupid’s aim
Run, run, run
Down network vein
From iris trails
Sustain abstain
Gastrocnemius sails
Across the Atlantic
To shores of Spain
Coals heat the brain’s syllable trains
Run, run, run
A  legend’s moraine
Discharge scrambled
Human inhumane
The gut-twist gun
Poetically preordained.


Invincible. Invisible. Eradicated and beautiful. Like daggers from the mouths of disguised wolves in wool. This glacier of a ship sat anchored and full. With ease we were in, with two kicks we’re the bull.
Under blankets of fog bobbed years of fine craft. Patience was key as we prepared for the act. Fine art hung from each decorative wall, crystal chandeliers and an angel painted tall. We barred the exits from this great dining hall.

We weren’t enslaved
We weren’t enthralled
We were redeemers
And that was all

We kept quiet
Professionally reserved.
Like stalking prey
We carefully observed

Whores rubbed their snatch
Silicone tits
Plastic draped their fat
Short women first
The tallest came last
They charged for their service
Rich men lambaste

A meal cut short
Only minutes had passed

Pins popped off the canisters that spread mustard gas. Every suit and every tie pushed towards the exits, fast. They gagged and gripped, kicked and gasped. They squirmed like a hundred caged, rabid lab rats. We had equipped the waiters and the cooks in the back. Desperately clawing at their servants’ gas masks. White collared men stood superior, at last.

Slave to Storms

If ever my mask becomes my face
If ever my heart and body separate

If ever I am enslaved
Marionette to power

I'd wait for the storm
And with its finest hour
I'd cast myself in
With feasting thundershowers

For Seed To Keep

Oh Jesus / I don't believe in you
But I know I believe in something

Oh prophet / I don't need a message
I need to run / Write and sing

Oh me / I need to feel
Breathe and eat

If this is it
At least what does it mean?
I'm sorry / I'm scared / Don't tell me

If ignorance is bliss
I'd rather live as a blind man
Than be proven wrong since I began

If I never understand / Then let me love
Naive man I am / Ants in dust I am
Let my love overwhelm and fill them

And from this earth / May one tiny seed
Grow into a tree / And remember me

Only then my life complete
Oh you / You need to feel
Breathe and eat
And my love will stay for seed to keep

Letter To A Friend

As we all know / It's hard letting go / It's hard to cope / It's how we grow

It's not an easy task / Letting go of the past / When you have the constant reminder
That nothing ever lasts

It's hard ignoring the memories / That's why I'm here with you
To give you the idea of a future / To let the sadness pass through

Look up / Never look down / You'll know when it's your time
When your flame is burning out

I know it's hard to live / And even harder to forgive
It's the reality of things / That makes us cringe

Everyone will love / Everyone will cry
And everyone we love / Will eventually die

I'm here to help you / Wash the loneliness from your skin
From your toes to your shins / From your scalp to your chin
I promised that I'd help you / Fall in love again

Love / Lust / Creation / Beauty / This is what we live for
These things keep us alive
This is why we spread our wings / From December into July

This is why we're more than human / This separates flesh from bone
This brings people together / So you'll never feel alone

I know in my heart / That everybody dies
But not you / Not tonight

Salsa With A Ghost

Rain has set the mood
Her red dress flower blossom and pink tattoos
Fine hair at the mercy of lion winds
Smells of oranges, cigarettes, and Tanqueray Gin

Like falling leaves we dance as we die
Tears fall but we don't cry
The sky weeps on our behalf
Was something watching? Well perhaps

Dark thick lipstick
Smeared eyeliner
Black snake trail down cheeks
Blown tires and burning rubber
Warped aluminum and plastic
Mangled wood
Head to windshield
Broken neck small and delicate
Pills strewn across grass
Green and red
Broken glass
Motionless pistons
Color fading limbs

This was her last salsa with a ghost
I can only picture her along the coast
When we used to fly kites along the bay
She'd look straight through me and say
"It's easier to fall in love with the dead
Because you never worry or lose your head"

You Can Sleep When You're Dead

From the ceiling to the floor
Creeping between wooden boards
A new type of sound
Flowing from our vocal spouts

Blue eyed knives shrink and sharpen
Looks can kill I know cause I've seen it happen
Fruits of life will ripen only after being bruised and
A man of caution understands reason
And the feeling of losing

Faith, happiness, love
It goes on and on
All of the above

Burns in this building
Chairs, tables, desks
As we lay to rest

Under the covers of a burning bed
We don't wake
We dream instead

Mother goose said
You can sleep when you're dead

Silent Bones

I asked her not to step forward
Onto this sheet of ice

She laughed and danced
With more than just a sparkle in her eye
The universe lived in that iris
For just a moment

Infectious and beautiful
Without a word
She had me stunned
A statue

The lonely scavenger
Screaming into neighborhood windows
Beauty was never lost without a price
Said the wicked crow
Black and dirty
Feeding off the flesh of the dead

The ice on this lake
Can barely hold itself up
She broke the barrier

Like a squeezed lemon over steak
The warmth from her body
Spread across this lake

The universe had left her lifeless
Now this lake boils

Pitiful crow
Black and dirty
Beak to bone
Poor crow was set ablaze
Never to scream
Into another window again

Happy Night

She had one of those faces
The kind that haunts you in your sleep
We went out to eat one night
She'd remove the condensation from her glass with a napkin
It reminded me of the vulnerable meat sack
I wake up trapped in every morning

I feel her in the space between
My skin and my bones
Traveling through my veins
Blood cells playing tag
How cute

I'd bet that when she drinks herself to sleep
She'd compare me to her shoe laces
And how she'd be better off with heels

I'd dream of us sailing off the map
As our ship tips and drops
We'd sing each other familiar tunes
As we work up the courage to kiss
The impact shatters the bowsprit
Sending the hull to meet the rudder
With us in between

It's hard to deal with a world
That never delivers

I'd dream of living in different skin
Perfect skin, flawless and unique
I'd dream of being 6 inches taller
50 pounds stronger with a chip on my shoulder
I'd rehearse Billy Collins, Nikki Giovanni, and Elizabeth Alexander
Women would flock and I'd shrug them off
Nothing hit me quite as hard as she had
When I was me the day before

If it was up to me I'd constantly dream
If death is a dream
I'd thank her for indirectly killing me

Pity for the Bees

I'm not a depressed person
But I woke up this morning
With a hope to soon join my ancestors
The dance parties with wine and finger food
In the clouds where no one could see
No police, no rules, no reason to stop
I'd feel bad for all of the confused bees below
Flying to their destinations
Working to be somewhere else
To become someone new
When I was right where I wanted to be

Flying around the planet
Billions of bees gathering honey
I'm the ant that has only one desire
To build something beautiful
A rising castle upon another castle
A place where the bees can't live
A place where only I can travel
A place where only others can admire
From a distance

Get your black dress coats ready
Gather your black dress shoes
Hats, gloves, and umbrellas
I'll be partying while all of you surround
This hole in the ground
Where my boring corpse lays
I'll look down from the clouds and smile
I'll look down and say
"Wow, look how many bees showed up"

I'll be drinking with Johnny Cash
Elvis Presley, Elliott Smith, and Bradley Nowell
I'd meet my great grandparents that I never
Had the chance to get to know
I'll tell them about my friends and family
And why I chose to leave so early

I pity the people that never find love
I pity those who never had the time
I pity the people behind work desks
I pity the people that never learned to love music
I pity anyone who isn't up in the clouds
Dancing next to me
To the sounds of the 1940's

I dream up a version of you
That makes me the happiest
I've ever been in my entire life

I'll rise if you shine
I'll get up out of my bed
And make the most of the day
And hopefully If I'm lucky
I'll be able to teach these bees
How to dance like ants